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Samples of my writing can be accessed by clicking on the links below.Some documents will open in your word processor.

Mercury Learning and Information

Sole author of the book: “GERD: Living With Acid Reflux Disease.” Published July 31, 2015, as part of the series, MyModernHealth FAQs.

New York Journal of Books

Recently-published books on health and medicine for a general audience are critically evaluated.

  • NY Journal of Books Enter David Olle in the search box.
    This link provides access to all my reviewed books

Salem Press

Essays written for Salem Press encyclopedias were extensively researched and referenced.
Here are a few samples:

The Lancet Oncology

  • Book review:”Vascular- targeted Therapies in Oncology” Vol 7, Issue 8, Aug 2006, pp.630-631.

Suite 101.com

  • Wrote 67 monthly articles on the topic: “New Cancer Treatments” over a five year period, followed by 20 articles on various topics as a Contributing Writer.

L E Publications

I rewrote the following chapters in the book, “Disease Prevention and Treatment,” which involved extensive researching and incorporation of AMA and Harvard style in-text references and bibliographies.

Healthgate Data Corp