Medical and Scientific Writing: Information Research

David Olle3

David Olle, Owner/Principal of Eastshire Communications,is a professional writer in the fields of medicine, animal science, and nutrition. We specialize in translating highly technical scientific jargon into clear-cut prose for the public.

PriorĀ  to writing, we conduct comprehensive searches on assigned topics using a variety of search engines and specialized databases. The information obtained is analyzed, summarized, and retained as bibliographies in EndNote, Diigo and Evernote.

Eastshire Communications provides services to medical associations, healthcare organizations, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and publishers.

The following are examples of services we can provide:

  • Track recent developments in specific subjects and fields obtained through the Internet, specialized databases, news conferences and libraries.
  • Write content for articles, essays, books, websites, and reports, and patient education.
  • Update data on disease conditions and treatments
  • Create, maintain, and update newsletters
  • Provide news alerts to keep clients informed of recent developments in their fields